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Life Insurance in Illinois

At Goshen Group Inc. in Glen Carbon, IL, we are a team of independent insurance agents who work hard to give everyone in Illinois customized and personalized service and products. We can provide our customers access to a wide selection of carriers, making it easier to find just the perfect life insurance product for you.

Protecting the ones that you love if anything happens to you is what life insurance is all about. Finding the right insurance is confusing but not difficult in Illinois, especially if you have a trusted insurance agent. Most people don't know where to start or how much life insurance they need.

You need to take a good look at your finances and determine what your dependents will need to survive without you. A mortgage is probably the single most considerable debt that needs to be cleared. Without a mortgage, there is a good chance your family will be able to stay in their current home. That means you have to have enough life insurance to pay off the mortgage.

If your children are young, there will be many years until they are grown up. Since you have no idea when or if you might pass away, you need to have enough life insurance to cover them for the number of years it might be. If you have plans for them to go to college, you want to make sure there is enough insurance to ensure they will still be able to attend, even if you are no longer there to help pay.

When your children are grown, you will be able to decrease the amount of coverage you have. Life insurance comes in two basic types, whole life, and term life, and both of them provide a death benefit, but whole life has a bit more to it than just that. It accrues dividends.

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