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Renters Insurance in Illinois

If you are a tenant, renting a house gives you the flexibility to live wherever you want. It also gives you the convenience to choose whether you need to live in a condo, home, or apartment. While tenancy comes with its advantages, you need to think about renters’ insurance from Goshen Group Inc. This insurance protects you and your assets when the unthinkable happens.

What does the renter's insurance cover?

Most people don't see the need for renters’ insurance because they think the landlord's policy covers them. Unfortunately, your landlord's policy only covers the building but not your assets. Given this reality, you need renters’ insurance to protect yourself in the following areas.

Asset protection

How would your dwelling look like if it were not for the assets like furniture, electronics, appliances, and so on? It would be just an empty room. Since your assets are valuable, you need renters’ insurance to cover loss or damage to your assets occurring from theft, fire, vandalism, natural disasters, and other perils covered in your policy.

Also, the incredible thing about renter's insurance is that it protects your assets even when outside your dwelling. For instance, if your laptop is stolen while your car is parked outside a shopping mall, renter's insurance should cover the loss.

Liability protection

Besides assets, renters’ insurance protects you, your family, and pets when accused of property damage and bodily injury by third parties. For instance, if you accidentally reverse into your neighbor's wall, renter's insurance can come to your rescue. Similarly, if your pet bites a passerby, renters’ insurance should cover the ensuing liability costs.

Loss of use

Suppose your dwelling becomes unlivable after fire damage. As your home undergoes repairs, you will need to look for a temporary shelter. Most people usually resort to hotels or stay with friends and relatives. Luckily, renters’ insurance can put you in a hotel and cover the additional living expenses until your dwelling becomes livable again.

But renters’ insurance in Illinois.

Are you looking for affordable renter's insurance in Glen Carbon, IL? Please get in touch with Goshen Group Inc. for a competitive quote.

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